Welcome to the Greentees - Journey

Greentees, founded by a passionate designer, blends vintage aesthetics with modern streetwear. With a background in graphic design and a love for sneakers, the founder began crafting unique t-shirt designs in 2020. Inspired by vintage fashion and the unique styles of past eras, Greentees aims to offer something unique for every streetwear enthusiast. From concept to creation, every garment is meticulously crafted with passion and creativity. Join us on our journey as we continue to evolve and inspire with our distinct blend of vintage roots and modern shoots.

February 2020 - First Drop

The Spider Shirt was limited to 10 pieces and exclusively released at a concert by a band featuring my friend.

October 2020 - Capsule Collection One

In this phase, I finalized multiple designs, carefully selecting from them and realizing additional creative ideas. This milestone was pivotal as Greentees' vision became clearer and external interest grew stronger. I seized the opportunity and organized my very first photoshoot independently with friends and acquaintances at 'Logo' here in Hamburg.

February 2021 - Hoodman vol. 1 Drop

Inspired by vintage movie posters, especially from the horror genre, the idea for a fictional film called 'Hoodman' was born. I created the matching poster as a print for a hoodie and a shirt.

August 2021 - Self Love Collection

The collection crafted during this phase centered around two key designs with a clear emphasis on mental health. As I found solace in this creative endeavor myself, I also recognized the importance of spreading this message—especially as a man. This collection featured my 'Self Love Club' logo and the phrase 'Be kind to your mind.'

February 2022 - Y2K Collection

In late 2020, I began working on my first product: socks custom-made to my specifications. When I held the first prototype, I knew I didn't want to release them alone. So, I decided to finalize my Y2K-inspired designs and release them alongside additional products, expanding my range. This led to a collection featuring socks, joggers, beanies, and 3 prints on black and white shirts and black hoodies.

July 2022 - Script Collection

With the move to Hamburg came a new workshop for Greentees. In this exciting phase, I printed the script logo on shirts, a zip hoodie, joggers, and swim trunks. I also reintroduced the best-selling designs 'Self Love Club' and 'Be kind to your mind' to enrich my collection.

October 2022 - Hoodman vol. 2

The 'Hoodman vol. 1' project has remained a special drop for my brand since its release. It was clear to me that I wanted to release a second version. I delved deeper into vintage film posters for inspiration and used my new design as a poster in the promo phase. The collection featured 2 prints on hoodies, shirts, and for the first time, long sleeves. 'Hoodman vol. 2' allowed me to further develop my creative vision and bring the aesthetics of vintage film posters to my clothing.